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Chemical Redistribution Program

Many items that laboratories submit as chemical waste are actually surplus chemicals that are reusable. As part of Environmental Health and Safety’s (EHS) commitment to waste minimization, the Chemical Redistribution Program accepts both opened and unopened containers of unwanted chemicals from laboratories and service areas throughout campus. This program has successfully redistributed over one million dollars in usable chemicals that otherwise would have cost more than four times that amount for disposal.

The Chemical Redistribution Program accepts unwanted chemicals that are deemed usable and redistributes them to other Ohio State University operations. The redistributed chemicals are provided at no cost to any University operation that has a useful purpose for these materials.

Chemicals available for redistribution are stored at the EHS Resource Conservation and Recycling Lab (RCRL) prior to being selected for re-use. Chemicals that are selected for the redistribution program are carefully examined to determine whether they meet the following criteria:

- The material is in the original container and contains the original manufacturer’s label;
- The container is at least half full;
- The material does not exhibit any visible signs of contamination or deterioration.

NOTE: The Chemical Redistribution Program makes no claim as to the purity of the materials available for re-use.

The inventory of the chemicals available for redistribution can be viewed by visiting https://ehs.osu.edu/secure/apps/ChemRedist.aspx. The inventory list will provide the name of the chemical, the manufacturer’s name, grade (i.e., technical, analytical, ACS, etc.), the amount, and an indication as to whether the container is sealed or not. To view the surplus chemicals will require the individual to register using the listed instructions, so that a login can be obtained. The login will allow the person to make an on-line request for the chemical of interest. Following the submittal, the individual will receive an e-mail with the confirmation order number. Requests for chemicals are filled on first come, first served basis. Typically, the requested materials are delivered to the individual within four working days.

NOTE: Chemical redistribution orders are only accepted via campus mail, fax, or on-line. The latter method is preferred because orders can be completed sooner and there is a means of tracking the request.