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Chemical Waste

Chemical Waste Request Program

The Hazardous Waste group within EHS is charged with managing hazardous wastes (both chemical and infectious) generated by research at The Ohio State University Columbus Campus and the various regional campuses. The Ohio State University Chemical Waste program is utilized to pick up and dispose of these hazardous chemicals.

Individuals may submit chemical disposal requests to the Environmental Health and Safety using EHS Online at EHS Online Waste Disposal Request. Wastes are transferred to the Resource Conservation and recovery lab and evaluated for reuse prior to being shipped for disposal.
Do you have a hazardous chemical Waste?
Is your waste ignitable?
Is your waste corrosive?
Is your waste reactive?
Is your waste toxic?
Is your waste from a specific source?
Is your waste from a non-specific source?
Is your waste a commercially discarded product, off specification species, container residue or spill residue?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then your waste is classified as a hazardous waste as defined by EPA and must be disposed of through EHS in accordance with current regulations.
Consult the Chemical Management Guidebook or contact EHS for further information.