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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the shipping and transportation of hazardous chemicals in commerce on roadways and airways. Non-compliance with these standards is subject to fines up $27,500 per violation, and in some cases, imprisonment. These requirements can be found in 49 CFR 171-178 and cover the documentation, packing, marking and labeling of hazardous materials as well as the training of shippers, carriers and handlers.

These regulations do apply to all shipments (shipper/transporter) of hazardous material made by Ohio State University Faculty, Staff and Students for business purposes. These regulations also apply to shipments of hazardous materials by non-university staff when they are "on behalf of" or in "collaboration with" university operations.

General awareness, function specific,safety and security training is required for all "hazmat employees" every three years. General awareness, safety, dry ice shipping and security training are available on the EHS website under the Occupational Health and Safety area of the training page.

A "hazmat employee" is a person who is employed by a hazmat employer and who in the course of employment directly affects hazardous materials transportation safety. This term includes an individual, including a self-employed individual, employed by a hazmat employer who, in the course of employment: (1) Loads, unloads, or handles hazardous materials; (2) Manufactures, tests, reconditions, or repairs, modifies, marks, or otherwise represents containers, drums, or packages as qualified for use in the transportation of hazardous materials; (3) Prepares hazardous materials for transportation; (4) Is responsible for safety of transporting hazardous materials; or (5) Operates a vehicle used to transport hazardous materials. - See more at: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration