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Accident Reporting

Employee Accident Reporting
Employees who are injured on the job or become ill as the result of a workplace exposure are required to complete an Employee Accident Report (EAR) and notify his/her supervisor.

Main campus employees requiring non-emergency medical treatment as the result of a workplace injury or illness should go to University (Employee) Health Services (2nd Floor McCampbell Hall) during the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

Employees in need of emergency care as the result of a workplace injury/illness should go to the Wexner Medical Center or University Hospital East Emergency Departments. The decision to seek emergency medical treatment should consider whether emergency services would be obtained if the injury/illness was not work-related. In other words, would you go to the Emergency Room if the same injury occurred at home?

Regional campus employees should seek treatment at the designated local health provider.
Blood and Body Fluid Exposures
Employees who are exposed to blood and/or body fluids (BBFE) should report them immediately to their supervisor and complete an Employee Accident Report. The accident report should include as much information as possible about the exposure including type, cause and steps that could have been taken to prevent the exposure.

Wexner Medical Center personnel should refer to the BBFE Protocol for instructions.

Main campus personnel should call Employee Health Services at (614) 293-8146 for instructions.