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Lockout Tagout LOTO
The OSU LOTO Program establishes requirements for the lockout of energy-isolating devices. The intent is to ensure that equipment is de-energized and isolated from all potentially hazardous energy sources and locked out (and tagged) before employees perform service or maintenance tasks where the unexpected energizing, start-up or release of stored energy could cause injury.

OSU Departments with employees assigned to work on areas where LOTO is required are responsible for implementing the LOTO Program, conducting periodic evaluations of the program, ensure affected employees have been properly trained in all applicable areas of LOTO, maintain a list of authorized employees who may perform LOTO procedures, provide sufficient locks and tags for the LOTO procedures being conducted and develop equipment specific LOTO procedures for each type of equipment.

Lockout Tagout Training is available online or in person, upon request.

If you have questions about LOTO, contact Steve Davidson at 292-1284 (ext. 49459).