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Training Guide

Training Guides
Safety hazards are present in almost every workplace. Based on these hazards and federal, state and local rules and regulations; special safety training may be required or suggested. Because of the diverse work environments and job classifications at The Ohio State University, the department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) developed the following Training Guides to assist with determining the appropriate safety training based on job classification. Click on the job classification that most closely aligns:

Administrative ProfessionalAir Quality Technician
Animal Care TechnicianAthletic Aide
Athletic TrainerBuilding Maintenance Worker
CarpenterConstruction Technician
CustodianDock Worker
Facility ManagerFaculty Member
GroundskeeperHazardous Waste Specialist
Human ResourcesInventory Clerk
Kitchen/Cafeteria WorkerLaboratory Teaching Assistant
Laboratory WorkerLocksmith
Metal WorkerNurse
Office WorkerPainter
Police OfficerProject Manager
Steam Plant/Tunnel WorkerWelder
Zone Leader

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate safety training is provided on specific hazards in the workplace.
New Employee Safety Checklist
In an effort to assist supervisors in the on-boarding of new employees, EHS has developed a New Employee Safety Training Checklist. This checklist should be used during the orientation of new employees to ensure they are aware of all the hazards associated with their job duties. Hazardous job duties shall not be assigned to employees who have not had the proper safety training and have not been provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); these are determined by completing a Job Hazard Analysis and completing this checklist.

Supervisors or their designee(s) and employees should complete this checklist, sign it and place in the employee's human resource file.