Health & Safety

Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene
The Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene Division promotes health and safety procedures and assists the university community in identifying, evaluating and eliminating occupational and workplace hazards that can cause illnesses or injuries.

Online and classroom training sessions are provided for compliance with established federal, state and local regulations and university health and safety policies.

Industrial hygiene services include indoor air quality investigations (unusual odors, mold, moisture, ventilation), ergonomic workstation evaluations, indoor lighting assessments, mercury spill cleanups, water sampling and thermal (heat and cold) stress evaluations.

Written programs are provided to support departmental compliance with the Ohio Public Employment Risk Reduction Program (PERRP) which has adopted federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations and standards to ensure public employees are provided with workplaces free of recognized hazards. Written programs are available for Chemical Exposure Monitoring, Confined Space Entry, Elevated Work, Elevator Safety, Fall Protection, Forklift/Powered Industrial Trucks, Hazard Communication, Heat/Cold Stress, Hot Work, Job Hazard Analyses, Lead Safety, Legionella, Lockout Tagout, Nanoparticles, Noise/Hearing Conservation, Pesticide Handling, Respiratory Protection, Shop Safety, Silica Dust, Trenching/Excavating and Working Alone.

Questions about OSU Occupational Health, Safety and Industrial Hygiene can be directed to Ross McClain, Director.

Ross McClain Director 614-292-1284 x4-8555 mcclain.31@osu.edu
Cathy Black Environmental Safety Officer 614-247-2113 black.539@osu.edu
Steven Davidson Environmental Safety Officer 614-292-1284 x4-9459 davidson.217@osu.edu
Jeff Henderson Industrial Hygienist 614-292-7169 henderson.202@osu.edu
John Sharpe Chemical Security Specialist 614-292-0619 sharpe.56@osu.edu
Crystal Shreve Certifying Official 614-688-1480 shreve.14@osu.edu
Kyle Winkler Industrial Hygienist 614-292-9822 winkler.104@osu.edu