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Legionella and
Drinking Water

Legionella Safety
It is the policy of The Ohio State University (OSU) to take precautions to eliminate potential hazards in the workplace. The purpose of the Legionella Exposure Control Plan is to specify the standard practices to be used by facility management to prevent legionellosis associated with building water systems. Legionellosis refers to two illnesses associated with legionella bacterium. When the bacterium Legionella causes pneumonia, the disease is referred to as Legionnaires’ disease. Legionella can also cause a less severe influenza-like illness known as Pontiac Fever. Most all cases of legionellosis are the result of exposure to Legionella associated with building water systems.
Drinking Water
The Ohio State University Main campus drinking water supply is provided as a public utility through the City of Columbus. Drinking water supply provided to campus buildings is continuously treated and tested at the treatment facility for many common contaminants. Annual reports are available at the following website for public review.

City of Columbus Drinking Water

The City of Columbus' Water Quality Assurance Laboratory (WQAL) performs water quality monitoring and treatment research to ensure Columbus drinking water meets or is better than all federally mandated Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) standards. The WQAL also provides water quality information to the water treatment plants and addresses customer complaints and inquiries regarding water quality. In a typical year, the WQAL’s EPA licensed and certified laboratory staff complete around 40,000 analyses relating to 29 different organic, inorganic, and microbiological water quality parameters.

OSU EHS can provide pricing for drinking water testing services, and collect samples, as requested if concerns regarding water quality are present within a building or buildings. Click here to request a water quality investigation (then pick Occupational Health and Safety from the first drop-down menu and Safety Inspection from the second drop-down menu).