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Procurement and Receipt
of Radioactive Material

All requisitions for radioactive materials must be approved by Radiation Safety BEFORE the requisition can be forwarded to OSURF or University Purchasing so that the product can be dispatched to the vendor as a purchase order. Procurement cards cannot be used to acquire radioactive materials. Generally, orders cannot be accepted by phone, fax or e-mail.

All packages of radioactive materials (except Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology) are delivered to Radiation Safety. Radiation Safety logs in the receipt of the material, performs a contamination survey if required by Department of Transportation regulations, then delivers the package to the lab.

Radiation Safety can only release packages to personnel who have completed the On-Line Radiation Safety Course.

 Quick List to Place RAM Orders: Please read detailed instructions, if this is your first time ordering radioactive material.

    Required elements:
     In the description:
       • Catalog # or Quote #
       • Chemical compound
       • # of vials
       • Isotope
       • Total Activity in mCi
         (for example, 5Ci/mmol is a concentration not the total activity)
     In the comment section:
       • Approved Supervisor / PI
       • Name of person USING the radioactive material

    Other required items:
       • For OSURF orders the category is YABRD
       • For UNIV orders the category is RAD

       • The “ship to” is People Soft code 126-103, except for isotope used for patients and OARDC-Wooster orders. See instructions for details.
       • The “location” is the room and building of the lab.
For questions or additional information please contact Lisa Everman at