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Radioactive Research
Laboratory Inspections

Radiation Safety inspects research laboratories that use radioactive material twice each year. Some of the items that are audited during the inspections include:
    •   Security of Radioactive Materials
    •   Inventory Records; Physical Inventory
    •   Posting and Labeling Requirements
    •   Evidence of Eating, Drinking, Smoking, Use of Cosmetics, Etc.
    •   Proper Instrumentation
    •   Low-Level Radioactive Waste
    •   Training (On-Line Radiation Safety Course and In-lab training)
    •   Use of ALARA
    •   Laboratory Surveys for frequency, results and proper documentation.
Each building on campus is assigned a Laboratory Compliance Officer for all radiation and research safety related issues, including laboratory inspections.
Ackerman RoadJenna Dickerson
AronoffMitch Baker
Biological SciencesEric Petz
Biomedical Research TowerHolly Ferris
Campbell HallJustin Ellis
Comprehensive Cancer CenterBridget Carruthers
Davis Heart & Lung Research InstJustin Ellis
Davis Medical Research CenterJustin Ellis
Evans LabMitch Baker
Goss LabDorian Richards
Graves HallBridget Carruthers
Hamilton HallJenna Dickerson
IBMRJenna Dickerson
Howlett HallWill Benedetti
Kottman HallWill Benedetti
McPhersonMitch Baker
Parks HallEric Petz
Plumb HallWill Benedetti
Postle HallMitch Baker
Rhodes HallJenna Dickerson
Riffe BuildingEric Petz
Rightmire HallWill Benedetti
Scott LabMitch Baker
Sisson HallDorian Richards
Smith LabJenna Dickerson
Tzagournis Medical Research Fac.Bridget Carruthers
Veterinary HospitalJenna Dickerson
Veterinary Medicine Academic Bldg.Dorian Richards
Wiseman HallJenna Dickerson
Wooster / OARDCDorian Richards