OSU Radiation Safety Culture Policy Statement

The Ohio State University is committed to a positive safety culture and expects that individuals and organizations performing regulated activities involving radioactive material and radiation-generating devices will establish and maintain a positive safety culture environment.

Positive safety culture shall be an integral part of all regulated activities, including training and licensure of medical and research users; equipment operation and maintenance; and routine and emergency operating procedures. The intent of a positive safety culture, like all other aspects of our organization’s radiation safety program, is to minimize radiation exposure to worker, patients and members of the public.


Ohio Department of Health, Safety Culture Policy Statement - HEA 5506, 2012
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Final safety culture statement, NRC-2010-0282. Federal Register 76:34773–34778; 2011.

Radiation Safety has oversight of more than 600 laboratories either working with or storing radioactive material.

We are the “keepers” of the licenses issued by the State of Ohio and the Federal Government. Our main goal is to provide a safe working environment for radiation workers and the general university public while allowing creative and breakthrough research to continue.

We are mandated by State and Federal Laws. Applicable state laws under the Ohio Administrative Code include:
    •  Chapter 38 – Radiation Protection Standards
    •  Chapter 58 – Use of Radioactive Materials on Humans
    •  Chapter 66 – Radiation Generating Devices

The Ohio State University has a type A medical broad scope license, which allows for the most diverse professional activities using radioactive materials. To maintain this broad scope license, OSU is required to establish administrative controls and provisions to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials. We are also required to establish a University Radiation Safety Committee (URSC) that meets on a quarterly basis. The role of the URSC is to review and approve applications for the use of radioactive materials, provide oversight of the radiation safety program, establish university policies consistent with ODH regulations, and ensure compliance.

Regulations are put into place to:
    •  Promote safe handling of Radioactive Material through proper design principals
    •  Measure radiation levels, monitor occupational exposures & maintain proper records
    •  Survey labs and clinical areas for the presence of radioactive contamination
    •  Monitor the proper disposal of radioactive waste
    •  Provide proper calibration of radiation detection equipment
    •  Provide and assist with written emergency procedures
    •  Provide initial, annual and continuing education training
    •  Establish written procedures for the proper use of RAM

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Radiation Safety Standards

Links that may be helpful:
The Radiation Information Network
Some important information:

Phone Number: 614-292-1284
Emergency Response Cell Phone: (614)561-7969
Radiation Safety fax number: 292-7002
Email us at radiation.safety@osu.edu

Dramane Konate Radiation Safety Officer (614)688-2599 konate.7@osu.edu
Jeanne McGuire Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (614)292-7108 mcguire.52@osu.edu
Lisa Everman Health Physicist (614)292-4763 everman.1@osu.edu
Will Benedetti Health Physicist (614)292-1284 x4-4287 benedetti.1@osu.edu
Jennifer (Jenna) Dickerson Laboratory Compliance Officer (614)292-0770 dickerson.185@osu.edu
Justin Ellis Laboratory Compliance Officer (614)292-7730 ellis.578@osu.edu
Eric Petz Laboratory Compliance Officer (614)247-1866 petz.9@osu.edu