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Research Safety provides consultation services to laboratories and staff members throughout the university community. With a comprehensive knowledge of Federal and State Regulations surrounding laboratories our consultation services encompass topics which include laboratory safety, hazard evaluation, chemical hygiene, risk assessments and laboratory waste management. To inquire about how you can request a consultation, contact your Environmental Health and Safety Representative.

Risk Assessment
Research Safety provides risk assessment services to laboratories. The primary goal of risk assessment is to ensure that potentially hazardous operations are carried out safely.
Risk assessment is a way to determine the potential that a chosen action or activity will lead to an undesirable outcome. Risk is based on the probability of an outcome occurring using statistics in a mathematical and scientific fashion. By evaluating risk this allows for these outcomes to be avoided or to be better prepared for. For example when driving a vehicle we assess risk to determine when to slow down, when to speed up, when to pass, and other such things. When we plan a trip we may pack the necessary things we need based on our own risk assessment. We might pack an extra coat to prepare for varying weather conditions, or pack a first aid kit in case of injury, have a satellite phone if going into dangerous territory. All of these things are technically considered as a risk assessment as we are preparing for the possibility of risk based on the environment, statistical probability, weather conditions, capability of the individual, amongst other things.