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Chemical Security

10 – Hour Laboratory Safety Class
This course is classroom training, team taught by a group of university safety professionals and includes topics such as general safety principles, building emergency, waste disposal, spill response, chemical reactivity, fire codes, electrical safety, chemical fume hoods, PPE, compressed gases, the OSHA Lab Standard, hazard communication, OHSA Bloodborne Pathogens, biosafety, and chemical security. This training is recommended for all new Principal Investigators, laboratory managers and research laboratory personnel. If you have received a Certificate of Completion from the 10-Hour Laboratory Safety Class you have met the following online laboratory safety requirements:
  • Laboratory Standard (CFR 1910.1450)
  • Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (Initial) – Refresher training still required on an annual basis if working with human source material
  • Building Emergency Training – Beginning with the Fall 2012 10-Hour Laboratory Safety Class

This course is held in room 700B, 1314 Kinnear Road. For more information on upcoming dates or to register for this course please log in to Buckeye Learn and search for Lab Safety Course (10-hour).
Chemical Security
This self guided, web based training course will train individuals to help improve lab security. Upon completion of this program, individuals will be better prepared to recognize potentially dangerous situations and will know the appropriate actions to take in order to maintain and improve lab security. Upon completion, individuals will be awarded with a certificate from the Department of Homeland Security. The training can be accessed on the following DHS website: https://chemicalsecuritytraining.dhs.gov/