Updated Respirator Fit Test Protocols

Get fit-tested in less than 2-1/2 minutes!

When it comes to respiratory protection, one of the most important aspects to protect Ohio State personnel from inhalation hazards is ensuring that a respirator fits properly. Wearing a respirator with an inadequate seal around a user’s face could lead to harmful exposures from contaminants, such as dust, chemical vapors, gases, mold, or infectious materials.

To prevent these exposures and comply with applicable regulations, a respirator fit test conducted by EHS can determine what type of respirator can provide the highest degree of protection. During a respirator fit test, EHS utilizes specific instrumentation to detect any leaks or failures of the respirator while the user performs a number of breathing exercises. If no leaks or failures occur during the test, EHS can confirm that the make, model, and size of respirator are safe for the user to wear in their workplace.

One drawback when it comes to respirator fit testing is the amount of time it takes to complete, but late in 2019 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved new respirator fit test protocols that are faster and more streamlined. Previous fit test protocols required eight breathing exercises and could take seven to ten minutes to complete. With the new protocols in place, only four breathing exercises are required, bringing a fit test in under 2-1/2 minutes!

We understand your time is important. With the new protocols implemented, we can now more efficiently complete respirator fit tests without sacrificing your safety. Schedule your respirator fit test today.