Meet Tim McCarthy

What is your official job title at EHS and a general description of your job duties?

  • Safety Engineer. For the past several years, I have been involved with air compliance permit issues related to the university’s Title V Air Permit, including data collection and submittals to the Ohio EPA and US EPA. A second aspect of my job involves reviewing construction and renovation plans regarding how the construction will impact environmental, safety, and health issues. I either comment on the plans as necessary and/or identify a more appropriate EHS colleague to review and comment.
  • My job role is changing. As of a couple of years ago, I now enjoy the task of helping to implement and troubleshoot the ProcessMap software application. I interface with EHS personnel to assist in developing procedures for conducting audits, tracking kpi data (key performance indicators), calendar/task management, and to keep current with the ever-changing look and functioning of the software. The software purchase is designed to provide EHS with additional utility in the performance of our various compliance-related tasks.
  • I am transitioning most of my air compliance tasks to Janice Fry. I continue to perform the construction reviews along with the work with ProcessMAP. I am also on the Emergency Response Team.

When did you begin working for Ohio State?  

  • My job at Ohio State began in December 2006.

How long have you been with EHS?  

  • I have been with EHS for 13 years since my begin date with Ohio State.

Why did you decide on a career in health and safety? 

  • I decided on a career in the environmental field upon leaving high school. This was in the early 1970s when concerns with the environment were making headlines in the news. Also, my father was working for Bethlehem Steel, so I was somewhat familiar with the environmental releases of this type of industry. My college education was in the field of engineering and led me to a master’s degree in environmental engineering. I am learning most of the health and safety aspects on the job, although I did have some previous exposure to industrial hygiene and public health concepts.

What is your favorite thing about Ohio State?  

  • I work with a great bunch of people.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?  

  • I enjoy hiking, some traveling, involvement with my church, taking our dog Pixie for long walks (she is small, only 10 lbs, but really likes to walk!), reading Christian classics, card games, gardening.

What is your favorite quote, TV show, movie, or book?

  • Favorite book - “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer.