Reporting Hazard Communication Standards

All employees must be provided with effective information and training regarding hazardous chemicals in their work area prior to starting work, and whenever a new physical and/or health hazard is introduced in to the work area.

The following information must be covered:

  • Location and availability of a written Hazard Communication Plan
  • Location of the departmental hazardous chemical inventory
  • Location of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documents
  • Locations of physical and health hazards of chemicals in the work area and likely effects or symptoms of overexposure
  • Requirements of the university’s Hazard Communication Plan
  • Methods to determine the presence or release of hazardous chemicals
  • How to reduce or prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals through use of work practices and/or PPE
  • Steps to reduce or prevent exposure to chemicals 
  • Emergency procedures for spills, fires, chemical exposure of an employee and other incidents

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