PPE Reminder

When working in a lab, PPE is almost always necessary to protect workers from chemical exposures, biological pathogens, and other hazards.  Lab coats, gloves, and eye protection are some of the most common PPE worn in the lab.

Lab coats must be worn whenever chemical, biological, or radiological materials are handled. Lab coats should be buttoned closed for best protection and removed prior to exiting the lab. Lab coats should never be stacked on top of one another and must be stored in a manner that prevents cross contamination.  Lab coats cannot be taken home for laundering. Lab coats must be laundered by a qualified vendor or the institution.  

Gloves must be worn whenever handling hazardous materials, even in small quantities. It is important to choose the appropriate type of glove for the hazard present. Disposable gloves must never be used more than once and should immediately be discarded after use. Gloves must be removed prior to exiting the lab, touching doorknobs, or pressing elevator buttons. 

Lastly, goggles must be worn anytime there is a splash hazard.  If you have additional questions about PPE please contact your EHS safety representative.