Volunteers Needed for Laboratory EHS Guided Safety Assessment (Pilot Program)

The EHS guided safety assessment pilot program will continue by offering all laboratories the opportunity to volunteer for 2022 Inspection cycle. The data collected is for internal use only and will not reflected on your final laboratory report. Only findings identified during the onsite visit will be reflected on the final report.

How it works:

  1. When you schedule your 2022 site visit with your inspector let them know you also wish to participate in the pilot program.
  2. Your inspector will then assign a guided safety assessment to the lab. Once assigned a confirmation email will be sent to the Principal Investor. This assessment should be completed within 30 days before onsite inspection using the EHSA system. The criteria used in the guided safety assessment is identical to the 2022 Chemical Safety Checklist. All responses must be submitted electronically via the EHSA system. Additional information and instructions for completing the assessment can be found here.
  3. In order to complete the safety assessment be sure to mark the last question as "Closed", this will automatically notify your inspector. Inspectors have been instructed not review the safety assessment prior to the onsite visit. Following the completion of your scheduled onsite visit you should discuss any questions or concerns that you outlined on your safety assessment. 

Thank you for volunteering and we appreciate your feedback!