Safety Brief - Housekeeping Prevents Injuries

The key to good housekeeping is "maintaining."

Organizing and cleaning should be done regularly, not just when absolutely necessary. The risk of injuries and accidents greatly decreases when performing a regular cleanup. 

Poor Housekeeping Results:

  • Tripping over objects on floors, stairs, and other surfaces
  • Being struck by falling objects due to poorly stacked items
  • Slipping on greasy, wet, or dirty surfaces
  • Cutting or puncturing of skin due to protruding or misplaced objects
  • More fire hazards

Good Housekeeping Results:

  • Fewer tripping/slipping incidents due to cleaner walking surfaces
  • Better control of tools and materials, including inventory and supplies
  • Cleaner conditions leading to improved health and well-being
  • More effective use of space and less waste
  • Less fire hazards