October is Biosafety and Biosecurity Month

Biosafety is a scientific discipline that encompasses the safe handling and containment of biological hazards.

Biosecurity is an aspect of biosafety that aims to ensure that biological hazards (and research-related data) are not lost, stolen, or misused.

Each year the NIH Office of Science Policy and ABSA International endorse October as a time to promote and focus on biosafety and biosecurity. Environmental Health and Safety would like to encourage all biological laboratories at Ohio State to participate.

How can your lab get involved?

  • Maintain a biological inventory.
  • Properly dispose of unlabeled or unused biological materials.
  • Review the biological hazards in your laboratory.
  • Conduct refresher training for biological spill response.
  • Update IBC protocols.
  • Ensure biological materials are secure at all times.
  • Review the required PPE for your laboratory.
  • Review who has access to your laboratory.
  • Get to know your EHS representative and Biosafety Officer.
  • Attend an EHS lab safety outreach event.