Permits for the Use of Radioactive Materials

To obtain authorization for the use of radioactive materials from the University Radiation Safety Committee (URSC), an RS-1 form, Permit For The Use of Radioactive Materials, must be completed. This form, and others that may be required, are available from the EHS web site, www.ehs.ohio- This permit must undergo a pre-review by Radiation Safety prior to final submission to the URSC. The Approved Supervisor will receive written notification of the permit’s status after URSC review.

The URSC may take one of the following actions:

  1. Final Approval - The Approved Supervisor has approval for the purchase and use of radioactive materials as outlined in the RS-1 form.

  2. Conditional Approval - The URSC has identified specific conditions which must be met through communication with Radiation Safety before final approval can be granted by Radiation Safety.

  3. Tabled - Action on the permit has been deferred due to lack of sufficient information being supplied by the Approved Supervisor. Radiation Safety will inform the Approved Supervisor of the specific questions raised by the URSC. Response to the questions will be reviewed by the URSC at their next meeting.

  4. Disapproved - The URSC has denied authorization for the purchase and use of radioactive materials. These permits may be resubmitted after consultation with Radiation Safety and/or URSC members. Disapproval on one permit will not influence committee action on subsequent permits.

It is possible for an individual to receive temporary authorization for the use of radioactive materials prior to the URSC review of the permit. Criteria for temporary approval of new approved supervisors are:

  1. Final submission of the RS-1 Form and other RS forms as necessary (i.e. RS-2, RS-5, RS-6). This includes the pre-review process with the designated Health Physicist.
  2. Documentation of the in-laboratory training provided to all users.
  3. Completion of the Supervisor Evaluation Conference.
  4. Successful completion of the OSU Radiation Safety Course by the individual applying for approved supervisor status and all lab personnel.

Once temporary approval has been granted, the designated Health Physicist will inspect and post the laboratory facilities. The Health Physicist will also review all record keeping and safety requirements. Thirty days after the laboratory orders radioactive materials, the health physicist will perform a mock inspection of the approved supervisor. No points will be assessed during the mock inspection.

Temporary approval will be in effect until the next scheduled URSC meeting.