Radioactive Waste - Prices & Shielding

The cost of radioactive waste disposal has increased with the new fiscal year. The costs for solid waste (unmixed) are $140.76 per cubic foot for short-lived isotopes (half-lives less than or equal to 120 days) and $323.20 per cubic foot for long-lived isotopes.

If the waste contains any hazardous material in addition to the radioactive material, it is considered to be mixed waste. To get a price quote on a case-by-case basis for mixed waste, contact Radiation Safety before disposal.

Liquid Waste – Is it aqueous or organic? What chemicals are present (in many cases, this will just be the solvent used, but EHS still needs to know). Unmixed aqueous waste is charged at solid waste rates (2 to 5 gallons are charged as a cubic foot).

A lab is allowed to purchase naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) without a permit to use radioactive material, but it has to be disposed of as radioactive waste. These will only be natural uranium or thorium. For NORM, EHS charges $40 per pound for solid waste and $40 per gallon for liquid waste if it is not mixed waste.  Uranyl nitrate is inflammable and thus will always be considered mixed waste. As with licensed material, EHS will need to get a quote on mixed NORM waste.


Radiation Shielding - As labs have closed throughout the years, EHS has amassed a collection of Plexiglas and acrylic containers and a few lead-lined boxes. These are available for labs that need them, but they have to be picked up by laboratory personnel. The facility is not staffed full time, so schedule to meet someone at 2600 Kenny Road (the southeast loading dock) if you are interested in seeing what is available.