Remote Safety Inspections

During the COVID-19 quarantine, EHS will be conducting limited-scope remote research safety inspections. The process involves an audit of the lab’s compliance paperwork consistent with the current laboratory safety checklist. EHS personnel will be reviewing the following compliance-related documents:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Chemical Inventory
  • Online Training Records and Protocol review (if BSL2 work is conducted)

EHS also may reach out to customers via email for additional information or clarification before finalizing the audit. Audit deficiencies requiring corrective action must be made in the EHSA system

We will notify the Principal Investigator via email a few days before initiation of the audit.  In addition, we will be scheduling post-inspection briefings via Skype or Zoom for the Principal Investigator and all associated laboratory personnel.

If you have any questions about the audit or process, please reach out to your designated laboratory inspector.