Radioactive Waste Pick-Up

Environmental Health and Safety hazardous waste staff will now pick up your radioactive waste.  The change was piloted in autumn 2019 and resulted in reduced pick-up wait times.


What's the SameWhat's Different

Package and label waste in the same manner.

Continue to direct questions about any pre-disposal or post-disposal evaluation to your EHS safety representative.

For material ordered on a radiation permit, make waste disposal requests through EHS Assist.  Make pick-up requests of naturally occurring uranium and thorium through the EHS website.

If there is a charge for the pick-up, complete the billing in advance.

Material that requires special paperwork and placarding will be picked up by EHS radiation safety personnel.

Submit paperwork (de minimis verification forms and counts of vials that were held for decay) electronically to  Enter container survey results into EHS Assist.

Pick-ups may be done on any day of the week.