Safety Brief - Poison Hemlock

Poison hemlock has more severe toxic properties than poison ivy and is quickly growing throughout the area.

Indentification Tips
  • The flowers are tiny, white and arranged in small, umbrella-shaped clusters. Flowers appear in the second year.
  • The plants have a musty odor.
  • The stems have a reddish-purple spots, blotches, or streaks. They are not hairy and are hollow.
  • First-year plants are low-growing and resemble carrot plants. It can be distinguished by the lack of hairs on the stems.

Safety Tips

  • Touching the plant is similar to touching poison ivy. It can cause painful blisters, and eating any part of the plant can be fatal.
  • Landscape workers should wear protective gear (i.e., goggles, face shield, skin protection) when weed eating in an area.
  • Always wear gloves when handling these plants.
  • Never burn poison hemlock.