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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) conducts routine university wide laboratory safety inspections with the intent to reduce risk, determine compliance with Federal and State regulations and to promote a culture of safety. Inspections encompass chemical, biological and hazard communication topics and are conducted in the presence of a laboratory employee familiar with the operations. Inspections are announced and often times scheduled with the process typically taking between 20 to 40 minutes. Each year laboratories are encouraged to obtain a copy of the revised laboratory safety checklist and to perform periodic self-inspections. The self-inspection process allows groups the opportunity to raise awareness to the risks while promoting a safety culture with the laboratory.

The results of the inspections are shared directly with researchers and departments assisting them in identifying strengths and weaknesses in their laboratory safety programs. EHS uses the information to help focus resources on reducing risk and on developing and implementing strategies that will increase compliance with State and Federal regulations.
Receipt, Responses and Follow-up to Inspection Items
Following the inspection process EHS provides the Principal Investigator (P.I.) with an email detailing any necessary inspection follow-up. When noted deficiencies are found, the P.I. must acknowledge receipt of the inspection report by responding with a corrective action plan using the web-based EHS Assist (EHSA) system within 15 calendar days as to the status of compliance issues. Correspondence using the EHSA system is necessary for documentation and provides a means of communicating to the status of pending action items. Checklist items considered to be a significant risk are required to be reviewed by the designated inspector. EHS understands that some issues may take additional time and resources to correct, however, the written corrective action plan should be submitted within 15 calendar days. Once all action items have been completed the P.I. will receive an email indicating the inspection is considered closed.

All Colleges and Administrative Units are assigned dedicated EHS customer service staff. Each team has dedicated staff to conduct laboratory inspections listed in the table below.
•  College of Engineering
•  College of Arts & Sciences(except EEOB, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics)
•  College of Education and Human Ecology
Mitch Baker
•  College of Medicine (Rightmire)
•  College of Food, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (Columbus Campus)
Will Benedetti
•  College of Medicine (Comprehensive Cancer Center CCC,Care Point East, Graves Hall, Tzagournis MRF)Bridget Carruthers
•  College of Medicine (Davis Center, Doan, DHLRI, McCampbell, Polaris, Starling-Loving)
•  College of Dentistry
Justin Ellis
•  Biological Research Tower (BRT), L-TRIP (Kinnear), ULARHolly Ferris
•  2012 Kenny Rd, Ackerman Rd, Atwell Hall, Hamilton Hall, IBMR, James CHRI, Morehouse Institute, Neuroscience Building, Rhodes Hall, Wiseman Hall
•  Health Sciences
•  College of Nursing
•  College of Public Health
Jenna Dickerson
•  College of Veterinary Medicine
•  South Centers
•  County Extensions
Dorian Richards
•  College of Pharmacy
•  College of Arts & Sciences (EEOB, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics)
•  College of Optometry
Eric Petz