Items of Compliance: Performance-Based Aspect of the Radiation Safety Inspections

Starting in January 2016 the Radiation Safety inspection will include a performance-based assessment of personnel in your laboratory. This could be either a non-radioactive material worker or an authorized user of radioactive material. Please share the following information with all your laboratory staff:

1. Items of Compliance: Performance-Based Assessment of Non-radioactive Material Worker:
    a.    Completion of the on-line Radiation Safety course. 
    b.    Aware of the OSU policy that requires radioactive material to be secured from unauthorized access or removal. 
    c.    Aware of laboratory specific procedures for the receipt and storage of packages containing radioactive material. 
    d.    Aware of the prohibition of eating, drinking, smoking, mouth pipetting, or applying cosmetics in laboratories posted for the use or storage of radioactive material. 
    e.    Aware of where radioactive material is used and stored in the laboratory.
    f.    Aware of where the spill/personnel contamination emergency response procedure is posted.
2. Items of Compliance: Performance-Based Assessment of Radioactive Material User:
    a.    Demonstrate appropriate survey meter use. 
    b.    Demonstrate appropriate techniques for smear wipe surveys. 
    c.    Implementation of ALARA. 
    d.    Explain the lab-specific procedures for ordering radioactive material. 
    e.    Explain lab-specific procedures for receipt, storage, and security of radioactive material packages. 
    f.    Articulate and/or demonstrate proper procedures to follow if there is a spill of radioactive material or a personnel contamination incident. 
    g.    Explain the lab-specific procedures for handling low-level radioactive waste. 
    h.    Explain lab-specific personnel monitoring requirements. 
    i.    Aware of proper postings and labeling requirements. 
    j.    Proper use of EHS Assist 
    k.    Explain the URSC-approved procedures for handling animals used with radioactive material.

If you would like a member of the Radiation Safety Section to attend a lab meeting or an annual in-lab training session to provide a short presentation on the changes to the safety standards please contact your designated EHS representative.