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July 18, 2019

Summer is bringing the heat; are you prepared? Being exposed to excessive heat and humidity can cause serious conditions such as heat illness and heat stress. In this edition of the Environmental Health & Safety brief, learn a few tips to beat the heat.

June 17, 2019

Here are just a few safety reminders when using power strips :

Use only UL-approved power strips. Do not overload power strips. Power strips typically are rated for 15 amps. UL recommends not exceeding 80% or 12 amps. Do not fasten power strips to building surfaces or furniture (note:...
June 17, 2019

What's Best for Your BSC?

Many researchers on campus use spray bottles of 10% bleach and 70% ethanol to decontaminate biosafety cabinets. Using spray bottles to do this is not recommended. The aerosol bleach droplets created by the spray bottle are not always cleaned up correctly with the...