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October 13, 2021

What is your official job title at EHS and a general description of your job duties?

At EHS, I manage the Laboratory Safety Program. It focuses on having safety representatives who assess occupational and research hazards and assist researchers in any project-specific safety-related evaluations they may need....

October 13, 2021

Often when people hear the term ergonomics, they think of computer workstations, but laboratory workers also need to be aware of their particular workstations and how to maintain proper postures while conducting business in sometimes awkward positions. Laboratory workers are at risk for repetitive motion injuries during routine laboratory procedures,...

October 12, 2021

EHS performs noise assessments to determine sound exposures in loud environments.

Employee exposures to noise of sufficient intensity and duration can result in hearing damage.

Workers may be exposed to 90 decibels (dBA) for an 8-hour work day.

To effectively control noise, the sound...