Tornado Safety

As we enter into the spring season where tornadoes become a more serious threat, here are some safety precautions to know in the event of a tornado:

Electrical Safety for Custodial Staff

Electrical safety is a fundamental aspect of custodial job duties, playing a crucial role in safeguarding both personnel and property. Custodial staff are frequently exposed to various electrical hazards while performing their duties. Understanding and adhering to electrical safety practices are essential to mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries.

Hot Work Safety

Hot work is one of the leading causes of construction fires.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 4,440 structure fires each year result from hot work. Below are some practices that hot work operators and site personnel should abide by to safeguard their construction site:

Demonstrating Shared Values

Bringing values to life positively impacts our work and team culture. When we better understand one another and know we are working with colleagues who reinforce and solidify our values, together we establish a sense of belonging for all.   

Excellence in Safety Awards – Deadline Extended to April 12

Submit nominations for the 2024 University Laboratory Committee “Excellence in Safety” Awards.  These awards recognize a university faculty or staff member (Individual Award), student (Individual Student Award) and a laboratory research group (Group Award) who have made a considerable contribution to improving laboratory safety on the Ohio State campus.  Nominations will be acce