New Online Risk Assessment Tool Launches Nov. 1

The Office of Research and Environmental Health and Safety are launching a new user-friendly web-based tool for conducting risk-based assessments – the Online Risk Assessment Tool (ORAT). The ORAT will replace the existing Occupational Health Registry on November 1, 2017.

Because it is important that you understand the potential risks associated with your research or job-related duties – especially when there are potential risks due to contact with animals, hazardous agents, operations or environments – the ORAT will walk you through the process for assessing your job-based risks. It employs a simple question and answer model that builds a personalized risk assessment designed to the specific hazards you may encounter as part of your work-related responsibilities. The ORAT also provides you with an opportunity to consult with an occupational medical professional. Expect to see faster turnaround times and enhanced customer service with the ORAT because of its streamlined approach to conducting risk assessments.

Completed assessments will be reviewed by the appropriate department (i.e., Environmental Health and Safety, Employee Health or Student Health) upon submission. You will be contacted if a medical consultation or other action, such as training or safety consultation, is recommended.

If you have completed the Occupational Health Registry in the past, you will receive a notification near your next annual renewal date prompting you to complete the ORAT. If you have never completed an assessment but need to do so, please utilize the ORAT beginning November 1. You will be able to access the ORAT at

Please send all questions or comments regarding the ORAT to