Good Catch Program

In autumn 2020, Environmental Health and Safety launched the Good Catch Program to help prevent injuries or property damage and improve the safety culture in the university. The program provides a new avenue for anyone in the university community to report unsafe acts, conditions, or equipment.

EHS has been pleased to see how the Good Catch Program has continued to gain traction since it was first launched, receiving 42 Good Catch reports as of July 2021, 86% of which have been closed. A Good Catch report is considered closed when EHS intervention between effective parties has implemented proper safety precautions/procedures to eliminate or reduce the risk of future injury or property damage.

A good example of how the Good Catch Program may have prevented future injuries took place in spring 2021 when a contracted employee tripped over a pipe that was laid across a building floor. The employee was not injured, but thanks to their reporting the situation, EHS was able to work with the responsible parties to get the pipe fastened closer to the floor and painted a bright orange color to increase its visibility. Now the risk of tripping over this pipe is greatly decreased because of EHS’s intervention.