EHS Earns National Honor for Health and Safety Messaging

Environmental Health and Safety earned national recognition for its creative and comprehensive health and safety messaging to The Ohio State University community. EHS was awarded with the Campaign Award by the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) on July 14. The Campaign Award is one of three marketing and communications honors given to academic institutions for their achievements in health and safety messaging.

During the past two years, EHS has worked in conjunction with the A&P Communications team to develop several health and safety campaigns. In late 2015, the team created Brutus Buckeye Safety Awareness posters that were distributed over several media platforms to remind the campus community of ways to achieve safety in their work and learning environments. The group followed the Brutus campaign with Safety Brief graphics that covered a wider variety of safety messages that included environmental, physical and workplace safety.

In addition, EHS implemented a “Dean’s List” certificate, which is given to campus laboratories that do not have deficiencies at the time of the EHS annual safety inspection. EHS’ goal for its various campaigns is to help ensure every person who visits, studies or works at Ohio State returns to their home in the same or better condition in which they arrived. Safety is the top priority.

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In the photo from left to right: Mitch Baker (EHS), Meg Schneider (A&P Communications), Kyle Winkler (EHS), Tina Bogac (EHS) and Ross McClain (EHS).