Good Catch Spotlight - Active Gas Line

Your safety is our top priority. Students, faculty, staff, visitors and patients are encouraged to report conditions that they believe could have resulted in more serious consequences so proper actions can be implemented to prevent future injuries or property damage. A recent example of a Good Catch is listed below.

Incident TitleActive Gas Line in Scheduled Building Demolition

Incident TypeUnsafe Act or Behavior

Incident SummaryA demolition was scheduled for a building on campus when it was discovered that natural gas lines were still active leading from the gas main to the building. Luckily, the observation was made before the part of the building containing the active gas lines was demolished. This observation prevented possible injuries and/or property damage.

Corrective ActionsThe Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) immediately contacted the department overseeing the demolition to ensure they were aware of the incident. EHS is providing an overview of the incident to the department supervisors for awareness to prevent future occurrences. Additionally, the department is conducting audits on construction site safety processes to ensure additional oversight when projects like these are scheduled.

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