Demonstrating Shared Values

Bringing values to life positively impacts our work and team culture. When we better understand one another and know we are working with colleagues who reinforce and solidify our values, together we establish a sense of belonging for all.   

How can you recognize those who contribute positively and reinforce the five value principles and behaviors? 

  • Excellence and Impact                      
  • Diversity and Innovation 
  • Inclusion and Equity 
  • Care and Compassion 
  • Integrity and Respect   

Here are easy ways to say thank you to a team or to individuals who demonstrate our Ohio State’s Shared Values

  • Send a quick email to someone who helped you.
  • Highlight colleagues at staff meetings.
  • Celebrate individuals on an office bulletin board or other shared space. 
  • “Thank yous” and “Shout-outs.” 
  • USAC Staff in the Spotlight (To recognize any Ohio State staff members) 
  • BRAVO (To recognize Wexner Medical Center Staff & Faculty) 
  • A&P All Stars (To recognize Office of Administration and Planning staff) 
  • Make my Day  (To recognize Environmental Health and Safety) 

Integrating the values into our daily work, we are motivated to strive for excellence. Let’s create the workplace engagement and culture that exemplifies the Ohio State Shared Values.