Meet Andrew Palmer

What is your official job title at EHS and a general description of your job duties?

I am a hazardous waste specialist, supporting all Ohio State operations by assisting with the removal of hazardous, biological, chemical, and universal waste from research labs, office buildings, maintenance areas, and more.  Our group helps ensure the safe and compliant transportation and disposal of all these materials once operations and researchers no longer can use them.  Once I have picked up the waste, I determine how to safely store the material and work with a disposal vendor to ensure it is packaged in accordance with Department of Transportation rules and sent to an appropriate disposal facility.  I also conduct waste storage inspections, the chemical redistribution program, and other projects that the Environmental Health and Safety department needs completed. 

When did you begin working for Ohio State?

I started at the university on July 20, 2020, in Environmental Health and Safety.

Why did you decide on a career in health and safety?

I gained an interest in environmental health while I was in college. After graduation, I worked at Heritage Environmental Services and collaborated with EHS personnel from other industries. I enjoyed working alongside them and developed a passion for environmental health, specifically in relation with hazardous waste industry.

What is your favorite thing about Ohio State?

Easily the nature on west campus. I enjoy driving through there when there is a change of seasons, especially in autumn.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Flag football, soccer, hanging out with friends, videogames.

What is your favorite quote, TV show, movie, or book?

Rick and Morty television show.