Bad Day in the Lab - Power Strips

Here are just a few safety reminders when using power strips:

  • Use only UL-approved power strips.
  • Do not overload power strips. Power strips typically are rated for 15 amps. UL recommends not exceeding 80% or 12 amps.
  • Do not fasten power strips to building surfaces or furniture (note: power strips are considered fastened to a surface if it requires a tool for removal).
  • Do not daisy power strips or extension cords with power strips.  Extension cords should not be plugged into power strips.
  • Do not hang power strips by the cord.
  • When using power strips on a lab bench, lay them on their side to prevent liquids from getting into the outlets.
  • Do not use power strips in areas where they can be damaged, such as construction zones.
  • Do not conceal power strips.