EHS Assistant

The EHS Assistant is a comprehensive database system that allows authorized faculty and staff to manage important safety and compliance information pertaining to their laboratories or work space in the following areas:

  • Chemical inventory management
  • Radioactive material (procurement, use & disposal)
  • Tracking laboratory equipment (survey meters, xrays & lasers)
  • Responding to findings from safety site visits
  • Registration of laboratory personnel


Consultation Services - If you would prefer to meet with your EHS representative in person regarding a broad range of services, including laboratory safety, new laboratory set-up, assistance with biosafety protocols, procedures, waste management, and more you can schedule with us here:  Schedule a consultation.


New User Access Form

Principal Investigators, Supervisors, and Laboratory Workers are required to register for access.  

STEP 2: Who is the Principal Investigator for the laboratory and where is the lab located?
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STEP 3: Who will be working in this laboratory and what is their role?
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