Non-Medical X-ray Program


Devices capable of generating ionizing radiation referred to as radiation-generating devices (RGD) present a potential safety hazard to students, staff and faculty if the device is not used and/or stored properly. Safety requirements for analytical x-ray units, electron microscopes, bone densitometers, industrial radiography and x-ray irradiation devices are listed in The Ohio State University Radiation Safety Procedures Manual for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use) and the Ohio Department of Health regulations.

All devices capable of producing ionizing radiation shall be registered with the Radiation Safety Section of Environmental Health and Safety using the form RGD-1 “Registration for the Use / Storage of Radiation-Generating Devices.” Please complete the form and return via email ( or fax 614-292-7002.

The Radiation Safety Section is responsible for registering all radiation-generating devices with the Ohio Department of Health. The University is subject to inspection by the Ohio Department of Health whom regulates the registration, use, transfer and disposal of radiation-generating devices in the State of Ohio. Pertinent regulations covering radiation-generating devices can be found at:

•   Ohio Administrative Code 3701:1-68 
    Industrial Radiation-Generating Equipment 

•   Ohio Administrative Code 3701:1-66 
    Radiation-Generating Equipment Requirements
    and Quality Assurance Standards 

The Radiation Safety Procedures Manual for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use) outlines The Ohio State University rules and regulations for the safe operation of radiation-generating devices (non-human use) and specifies practices to aid radiation-generating equipment users in minimizing their exposure to radiation. These measures are taken to comply with Ohio Department of Health regulations, and shall succeed only when each user follows the actual guidelines contained in this document.

Examples of analytical radiation-generating equipment:

•   X-ray Diffractometers,
•   X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometers,
•   X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer,
•   Transmission or Scanning Electron Microscopes and
•   Gauging Units.

In addition to analytical radiation-generating equipment, other types of regulated radiation-generating devices include:

•   X-ray Baggage Units,
•   Industrial Radiography Devices,
•   X-Ray Irradiation Devices,
•   Portable X-ray Radiography
•   Bone Densitometers,
•   Industrial/Research Computed Tomography,
•   Industrial/Research Tomography and
•   Particle Accelerator. 

The Radiation Safety Procedures Manual for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use) was developed to assist personnel in meeting safety and regulatory requirements, and provide integration of state occupational radiation protection standards. Reviewed in the Radiation Safety Procedures Manual for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use) are types of equipment, occupational radiation exposure limits, and radiation protection regulations and recommendations. The implementation of sound radiation safety principles when operating radiation-generating equipment will provide personnel protection from acute radiation hazards, and limit chronic radiation exposure to levels As Low as Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).