Lab Manager Mentoring

Laboratory Manager Mentoring

The Laboratory Manager Mentoring program helps connect new lab managers with experts in the field who have experience in overseeing laboratory operations and safety management. The program matches prospective lab manager mentees with lab manager mentors who may work in the same department or building or who may have similar lab environments or research interests.

“Being able to contact and meet with a more experienced lab manager has helped me know everything that I need to do as the lab manager of my lab.”

- Lab Manager Mentee

Program Benefits

Learn About Safety Best Practices

Mentees will learn how to navigate safety requirements, research regulations and daily lab functions.

Network with Colleagues

In establishing connections between mentor and mentee, the program facilitates connections and networking opportunities.

Participate in a Positive Safety Culture

The safety of our campus community is our number one priority. Active participation in the program encompasses the core values of a positive safety culture, including problem identification and resolution, continuous learning and a respectful work environment

Become a Steward of Safety

Laboratory managers demonstrate stewardship of safety as a collaborative research community effort.