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Animal Administration - Danger

Animal Administration Standard  Operating Procedure (SOP) for Agents With The GHS Signal word Danger

Animal Administration - Warning or No Signal

Animal Administration Standard  Operating Procedure (SOP) for Agents containing the GHS Signal Word Warning or No Signal Word

Animal Research

A laboratory animal facility (vivarium) is an extension of the research laboratory, and all requirements for work with biohazardous agents and toxic chemicals in the research laboratory are applicable to work in the animal facility. All animal work at the University shall be in compliance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (2010 revision) and the Laboratory Animal Welfare Regulations [Animal Welfare Act] (9 CFR Subchapter A, Parts 1, 2 and 3).

Bovine Cryptosporidiosis Fact Sheet
Bovine E. coli Fact Sheet
Bovine Giardiasis Fact Sheet
Bovine Leptospirosis Fact Sheet
Bovine Rabies Fact Sheet
Bovine Ringworm Fact Sheet
Bovine Salmonellosis Fact Sheet
Bovine Toxoplasmosis Fact Sheet
Bovine Vesicular Stomatitis Fact Sheet
Carcass Waste Disposal Flowchart
Equine Dermatophilosis Fact Sheet
Equine Encephalitis Fact Sheet
Equine Rabies Fact Sheet
Equine Rhodococcus equii Fact Sheet
Equine Ringworm Fact Sheet
Equine Salmonella Fact Sheet
Equine Vesicular Stomatitis Fact Sheet
Equine West Nile Fact Sheet
Fish Campylobacteriosis Fact Sheet
Fish Cryptosporidosis Fact Sheet
Fish Klebsiella Fact Sheet
Fish Mycobacteriosis Fact Sheet
Fish Salmonella Fact Sheet

Standard Operating Procedure for Isoflurane

Ovine Caseous Lymphadenitis Fact Sheet
Ovine Chlamydiosis Fact Sheet
Ovine Leptospirosis Fact Sheet
Ovine Listeriosis Fact Sheet
Ovine Q-Fever Fact Sheet
Ovine Ringworm Fact Sheet
Ovine Sore Mouth Face Sheet
Ovine Toxoplasmosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Campylobacteriosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Cryptosporidiosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Influenza Fact Sheet
Porcine Leptospirosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Salmonellosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Toxoplasmosis Fact Sheet
Porcine Yersiniosis Fact Sheet
Poultry Campylobacter Fact Sheet
Poultry NewCastle Disease Fact Sheet
Poultry Psittacosis Fact Sheet
Poultry Salmonellosis Fact Sheet
Researcher Guidance Document
Zoonotic Disease

Informational overview of zoonotic diseases with pictures.