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Add & Delete Badges/Wearers

How to add new wearers and delete wearers that no longer need badges.

Anatomy of a Badge

Layout of the information found on a badge.

Badge Storage

How to properly store radiation badges.

Badge Wear Dates and Return Deadlines

When are your badges due to Radiation Safety?

Control Badges

Purpose of control badges and how to use them.

Exposure Reports

Types of reports you will receive and what to do with the reports.

Guide for Pregnant Workers

Information guide on the effects of radiation on a fetus.

Instructions for Spare Badges

How to issue a spare badge.

Introduction to Dosimetry

Introduction to Dosimetry for Badge Coordinators

Personnel Monitoring Program

Details of our dosimetry badge program.

RS-10: Badge Request

Form used to add a new wearer.

RS-11: Exposure Record Authorization

Form that allows us to send for exposure reports for an employee or student.

RS-12: Lost or Damaged Badge

Form to report a lost or damaged badge.  

RS-13: Declaration of Pregnancy

Form to obtain a fetal badge.

RS-14: Acknowledgment of Radiation Exposure Limitations for a Minor

Form for minor workers in labs that contain radioactive materials.

RS-30: New Series Information

Form to obtain badges for a new series.