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EHS Assist Instructions
Laboratory Compliance Officer

Each building on campus is assigned a Laboratory Compliance Officer for all radiation and research safety related issues, including laboratory inspections.

Ordering Instructions for Lab Personnel

WorkDay Instructions for ordering radioactive materials

Performance-Based Inspection Field Guide
Radiation a Fact of Life
Radiation Safety Fundamentals
Radiation Safety Laboratory Inspection Program

The Radiation Safety Section of Environmental Health and Safety performs semi-annual performance-based inspections of all Type B, C and storage-only laboratories posted for the use of radioactive materials. Type A laboratories are inspected monthly.

Radiation Safety Procedures Manual  for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use)
Radiation Safety Standards
Radionuclide Risk Categories, Security and Required Training

Radionuclide Risk Categories

  1. No Significant Risk

    1. Areas where only generally licensed materials or naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) are used including small button check sources, Ni-63 electron capture detectors and compounds of uranium and thorium.

  2. Low Risk

Risk and Risk Reduction

Radiation risks and how to reduce risks.

RS-15: Record of Survey Results
Security Inspections

Semi-annual unannounced off-hour security inspections are conducted. “Off-Hours” are defined as 5:00 pm –8:00 am, lunch-time (11:00 –1:00) and weekends. All radioactive materials must be secured from unauthorized access or removal when not under constant surveillance. This can be achieved by making sure the laboratory is locked when nobody is in the lab or by locking all the radioactive material (including waste) within the lab in lockable refrigerators, freezers and cabinets.