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Biosafety Manual

Complete version of the most recent Biosafety Manual.

Biosafety Manual - Appendix A

Primary Containment for Biohazards: Selection, Installation and Use of Biological Safety Cabinets

Biosafety Manual - Appendix A References
Biosafety Manual - Appendix B

Select Agents and Toxins

Biosafety Manual - Appendix C

 Infectious Waste Guidelines

Biosafety Manual - Appendix D

Accident / Incident Follow-Up Information

Biosafety Manual - Appendix E

Plant Biosafety 

Biosafety Manual - Appendix F

Website Addresses

Biosafety Manual - Section I


Biosafety Manual - Section II


Biosafety Manual - Section III

Risk Assesment and Research Protocol

Biosafety Manual - Section IV

Recombinant and Synthetic Nucleic Acids, Gene Transfer and Transgenic Organisms 

Biosafety Manual - Section IX

Decontamination and Spills 

Biosafety Manual - Section V

Biohazard Signs and Tags 

Biosafety Manual - Section VI


Biosafety Manual - Section VII

Personal Protective Equipment

Biosafety Manual - Section VIII

Biosafety Laboratory Practices and Equipment 

Biosafety Manual - Section X

Biological Waste Disposal

Biosafety Manual - Section XI

Ordering, Receiving, Shipping and Movement of Biohazard Materials 

Biosafety Manual - Section XII

Accident and Incident Reporting 

Biosafety Manual - Section XIII

Occupational Health Program

Biosafety Manual - Section XIV

Animal Research Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan Quick Reference Guide

Quick reference guide for using the Interactive Chemical Hygine Plan (CHP)

Chemical Management Guidebook
Considerations for Laboratory Design
Department of Athletics - Exposure Control Plan
FOD Exposure Control Plan
Generic Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
Generic Exposure Control Plan - Appendix A
Introduction to Dosimetry

Introduction to Dosimetry for Badge Coordinators

Laser Safety Procedures Manual
Radiation Safety Procedures Manual  for Radiation-Generating Devices (Non-Human Use)
Radiation Safety Standards
Storm Water Management Program Post-Construction BMP Operations and Maintenance Guidance Manual
Student Life Exposure Control Plan