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Chemical SOP Template
Chemical Spill Matrix Chemical Spill Matrix
Chemical Waste Disposal Flowchart
Chemical Waste Management Reference Guide

The collection, transportation and characterization of hazardous chemical waste at the Ohio State University falls under the direction of the Environmental Affairs program. In accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) the program encourages generators to utilize various chemical minimization methods to reuse, reduce the quantity and toxicity of chemical waste. 

What is hazardous waste?

Cold Rooms Fact Sheet
Compressed Gas Cylinder Fact Sheet
Electrophoresis Gel and Solutions Disposal Fact Sheet

Guideline for disposing of electrophoresis gel and solutions.

Ethidium Bromide
Gels and Buffers Waste Disposal Flowchart
Glassware and Sharps Disposal (Medical Center)
Glassware and Sharps Disposal (Polaris)
Glassware and Sharps Disposal (Regional Campus)
Hydrofluoric Acid
Laboratory Relocation/Close Out Checklist

Form to assist with relocating or closing a laboratory.

Pyrophoric Materials Guidelines
Researcher Guidance Document