Sealed Source Removal

from Liquid Scintillation Counters (LSC) or Electron Capture Devices (ECD)

Under Ohio State’s Radioactive Material license, EHS's radiation safety personnel have the authorization to remove sealed sources from generally licensed equipment, including liquid scintillation counters (LSC) and electron capture detectors (ECD) from gas chromatographs. The following information outlines the process and costs involved in sealed source removal.

Getting Started - General Instructions
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    1. Description = Sealed Sources (Actual Cost + Labor), Dolloar Amount (DO) $600
    2. For more informtion see pages 23-25 of the Radioactive Waste Managment Guidebook
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Before Sealed Source Removal

Remove the equipment from service.

The laboratory or department must survey the liquid scintillation counters and submit the completed survey results to your EHS safety representative for review. 

EHS will confirm the completed survey and will schedule a time and date for the final source removal.

Before the scheduled date, unplug the equipment and ensure removal staff have 360° clear access to the equipment.

During Sealed Source Removal

Source removal will take approximately one hour to complete.

EHS safety personnel will conduct pre- and post-surveys to ensure the source was removed properly and that no radioactive material contamination remains in the equipment.

EHS safety personnel will remove all radioactive material postings from the equipment and will remove all lead shielding from LSCs for proper disposal as part of the service.  ECDs do not require any shielding removal.

EHS will dispose of the source as radioactive waste, will delete it from EHSA inventory, and remove it from the radiation permit.

After Sealed Source Removal

After your EHS safety representative confirms that the pre- and post-surveys have passed, send the items to University Surplus,, for equipment disposal.


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